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RM 705 Help Us To Collect: 25000

Bakery Project

RM 135 Help Us To Collect: 15000

Orphan Project

RM 3,136 Help Us To Collect: 24000
Refugee camp - Taiz - Yemen


RM 1,000 Help Us To Collect: 20000
Sedekah Yaman

Winter Kempen

RM 140 Help Us To Collect: 50000

Pink Organization Need Urgent Funds For Breast Cancer Patients

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30000 Money Spent


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100000 Money Spent

Ramadan Al-Khair 2021

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50000 Money Spent

Digging Well

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40000 Money Spent

Basket Food

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30000 Money Spent

Water Tank

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Madu As-Sumrah
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Gift Hamper

Madu As-Sumrah

👆Faedah Madu As-Sumrah

  • Bagus bagi pesakit kencing manis kerana ia mengandungi insulin dari tumbuh-tumbuhan serta tidak mengandungi gula.
  • Bagus bagi pesakit buah pinggang.
  • Bagus bagi pesakit hati
  • Bagus bagi merawat pesakit ulser perut dan usus
  • Bagus bagi merawat anaemia
  • Merawat selesema dan batuk
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Gift Packs Items


  • Sambal To'MAT    (1 pack, Sambal To'MAT RM10.00)
  • paste ikan bakar  (1 pack Pes Ikan Bakar RM5.00)
  • ikanmasintalang  (1 pack, Ikan Talang Masin RM17.00)
  • baby Bahulu          (1 pack Baby Bahulu RM5.00)
*Minimum purchase of RM15 (any of these 4 items)👆🏻 *For quick communication, please click on the WhatsApp Icon

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Gift Hamper

1st HAMPER - Hari Raya RM200 💎1 box fruit cake (+- 660 gram) 💎7 types of cookies 💎1 snack (Kerepek Bawang /Ubi) 2nd HAMPER - Hari Raya RM150 *For quick communication, please click on the WhatsApp Icon

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Why Donate?

Supporting Yemeni’s Children

Yemen Kasih supports Yemeni children and their families, the poorest due to war and destruction, as well as orphans in various governorates

Providing Food, and Safe Drinking Water

Yemen Kasih provides food and cleans water in areas affected by war, as well as areas suffering from severe water shortages.

Mission, Vision And Principles

Yemen Kasih wants to be the main reference for charity and humanitarian work in Yemen. Yemen Kasih is a non -profit organization that focuses on the provision of humanitarian and medical assistance, sustainable development and contributes to achieving.

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