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About Us


Yemen Kasih is an important contributor to society. Today, we as a team should be proud of the impact of our work. Our society exists to alleviate the suffering of poor children, women, and families facing the dangers of death, starvation, and homelessness.

Despite the difficult times, we have worked hard as a team to achieve the same humanitarian goals. But tomorrow, how can we realize our vision?

The time has come for a more dynamic, sharp, and cost-effective way to advance our goals. We are committed to building a strong platform for our team of volunteers. We are committed to representing the voices of homeless and poor children and women in Yemen and around the world, to the government, the media and, our donors. We are committed to best practices for fundraising and reporting.

At the time when millions of people are affected by the crisis in Yemen, there are reasons to support Yemen’s Kasih:

YK was founded to AID CHILDREN in YEMEN.

  • We saved the lives of children in Yemen.
  • We provide nutrition in the hardest place to reach in Yemen.
  • We are a volunteer team that responds to humanitarian aid and stays as long as we need it.
  • We are the first team dedicated to reducing hunger for children and women and girls and calling for an end to the war in Yemen.
  • To support Yemeni immigrants in Malaysia and Yemen.

We are a Charity community in Malaysia.

 No. Organization: PPM-034-10-04062018

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