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Yemen Kasih-En-1029

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The message of Love, Mercy, and Solidarity to the children who died because of hunger, thirst, poverty, and the war in Yemen,
Peaceful, Loving children, please be patient and we humbly ask Allah that heal this ache in our heart and help us to convey what is happening in Yemen. Our volunteers work hard and try to do their best for you. We know that you are dying and there is a child dying every 10 minutes. Also, our broken hearts convey your suffering to all around the world to support hungry children, to provide you with food, water, and medical care. “we will not give in until end your suffering) we are so sorry, we late in supporting you.
Our children please believe that Allah with you because you are the most patient. we hope to wipe your tears from your beautiful faces. Written by Yemen Kasih in 5/11/2018.
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