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Tragedy in Yemen
Nearly 6 years of war have hit the country, where more than 85,000 children have lost their lives due to this war. For six years they suffered from poverty, fear, hunger and pain.
These six years too, where millions of children are forced to leave their homes to escape the threat of life.
These six years have also witnessed where thousands of Yemeni children were born suffering from severe malnutrition, without them knowing what wrong they were born in a state of war.
These children often ask us, What sins did they commit until they were born as orphans, as people with disabilities, or as sick people, and does the world today no longer care what happens to us? Where is their humanitarian value to us?
Come with us, help them to survive even in the winter.
The help you give, to some extent can save their lives. Come join us!
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Your donation will save their lives.
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Website: https://yemenkasih.org/
Yemen Kasih Organization
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