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Yemen Kasih-En-1090

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“Ibuuu, sejukkkk”
“Mom, I’m hungry”.
Which mother’s heart is not sad to see her child whining with hunger and cold. Let him alone bear the origin of his son full of sleep.
My brother, winter, rain, snow and even floods will come to attack the land of Yemen. Those who live in camps will definitely face difficulties, worries about the lives of Yamani children, hungry, cold, dark will surely haunt them. The mother who began to be restless was afraid to die before she could feed a pinch of bread to her son’s mouth.
O Allah, Your grace is so vast, help us to lighten the burden of our brothers there.
Ayuhhhh, let us all that God favors health, ability, generosity of sustenance to help our brothers and sisters there, maybe with this little help it becomes a great good for them. Because we are brothers.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, meaning:
“Treat people
which hurts in between
you with
[Narrated by Abu Dawud, At Tahabarani and A] -Baihaqi,
narrated by Shaykh Al-AIBani in Shahihu] Jami ‘]
Infaqlah, then heaven for you.
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