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  • February 17, 2021
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Yemen Kasih-En-1123

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Victims of the war in Yemen did not have a home, they lived in tents – very small tents that were very close to each other. The tent was enclosed from used fabrics only. Some of the tents are inhabited by more than one family. The situation becomes more complicated when it rains, this is because rainwater can enter from various directions of their naive tents. They really need help from all of us. Therefore, we must take note of this issue, let us all help them, never forget the fate of our brothers there. When we live comfortably in our country, there are more people who are less fortunate than us who live in poverty. Most of them are children, women, orphans and the disabled.
Come with us to collect the shares of the hereafter, by extending help to them. Help them to cope with the winter in all these shortcomings. Your help can save their lives. Click on the link below to contribute:
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🏧Contributions directly through the following link
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Website: https://yemenkasih.org/
Yemen Kasih Organization
🏧Maybank Islamic: (562106687201)
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