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  • February 17, 2021
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Yemen Kasih-En-1133

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Appeal from family living in Taez area. The father had no money or job opportunities and lived in the area where Gaddafi died. He appealed to all organizations to channel aid especially to the affected areas as a result of the conflict in Yemen in Taez District. As a result of this, the Yemeni community is facing extreme hardships especially in terms of lack of adequate basic food, and this has resulted in many small children dying. And what he really hopes is that he can work and support his family from starving, unfortunately the job opportunities are very limited at the moment and the salary they earn can not meet their human rights needs. https://yemenkasih.org/donation.php Pertubuhan Yaman Kasih 🏧Maybank Islamic: (562106687201) Thank you #Insan_perihatin #yemenkasihmalaysia #Bantu_yaman #selamatkanyaman #yaman_perlukan_bantuan_kita See Less