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  • February 17, 2021
  • By Nuha
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Yemen Kasih-En-1151

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Can you imagine living in a tent during the winter?
This is the situation that the people in Yemen have to face as a result of them fleeing in order to save themselves from conflict areas and take refuge in the current camps. This has also caused them to face some health problems such as severe flu among them. In addition, they also face very severe flood conditions. The result of this has led to the spread of many diseases among them.
Their torn and very naive tent condition makes them suffer more, such as having to sleep without a complete sleeping mat like a mattress or thick blanket to protect themselves from the cold. Therefore, they are very much looking forward to your help this winter, they are no longer able to survive this suffering without the help of all of us. So come with us in Yemen love, help them to survive this very cold. Your contribution means a lot to them. And it is also insyaAllah can save their lives. . Click on the link below to donate:
Yemen Kasih Organization
🏧Maybank Islamic: (562106687201)
Thank you