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Yemen Kasih-En-1242

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Children in Yemen are victims of the war in Yemen.
What is wrong and sinful with these children of their own age in their own homeland so that they have to suffer the effects of a war that is not their fault.
At the same time, the world seems to have forgotten their situation there. The time media rarely highlights what they face day after day. What is wrong with them so that they are treated like this?
Imagine these children, the same age as our children here, are you willing to look without offering help? Are you still silent and hugging your body watching this world stage in a comfortable state? Or you forget that this world is like a wheel, today their fate may not be good, but tomorrow God has planned something better for them. Therefore, we call on you to come with us, extend help to those who are in dire need there.
“Indeed, every believer and believer are brothers”
Let us help our brothers who live in poverty in Yemen. May Allah extend the sustenance of all of us who always contribute in any way. Thank you so much we say.
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