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Yemen Kasih-En-1258

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
We still open the opportunity for all philanthropists to be with us to help those in need in Yemen during this glorious month of Ramadan.
Among the help we try our best to deliver to those in need there are like,
-Help for orphans
-Infaq Ramadhan
-Preparation of food packs
-Provision of water supply
-Fast breaking food.
The month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings. In this month there are many deeds that Allah SWT will double his reward.
It is not only dedicated to fasting and prayer alone, even Islam also encourages us to give alms. Imagine on a normal day we have been given a reward, what about when it is done in this glorious month, the month of Ramadan. MasyaAllah !!! The reward that God promises is very much. So let us together take this opportunity to do as much good as possible by giving alms.
Let us all appreciate the meaning of this hadith:
“Whoever gives food for breaking the fast to a person who is fasting, then for him the reward is like the person who is fasting, without reducing the slightest reward of the person who is fasting”
Hadith Narrated by Nasa’o and Tirmidhi
اللهم بلنا رمضان😊