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Yemen Kasih-En-1266

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Infaq Ramadhan
In conjunction with the arrival of this glorious Ramadan, let us sponsor food for the people of Yemen who are now on the brink of the worst famine.
From Ibn Abbas RA he said; “Rasulullah SAW is the most generous person to do good deeds, especially in the month of Ramadan. Because every year Jibril always met him every night, until the end of Ramadan. Rasulullah SAW recited the Quran to him (and Jibril checked). When Jibril came to him, he did more good deeds than the wind that blew. ” (Authentic
Muslim No: 2308).
May God allow us to seize the opportunity that comes only once a year. Aameen Ya Rabb.
Yemen Love Organization
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