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Yemen Kasih-What has Dates got to do with hell

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What has Dates got to do with hell?
Rasulullah SAW said; “Be afraid of hell even with half a date, if not, it should be with good words -sahih bukhari.
Rasulullah SAW advised us to give alms even with only half a date because it can keep a person away from the fire of hell. By God, beautiful isn’t our religion? Imagine that just giving alms with half a tamarind seed has also allowed a person to stay away from hell, what if our alms is more than that? But it must be accepted by Allah SWT with sincere intention.
May Allah keep us away from those who regret there because they did not have time to give alms as Allah SWT said in surah Almunafiqun Ayat 10 & 11 which means,
“And spend (donate) some of the sustenance that We have given you before one of you dies to him, (otherwise) then he (at that time) will cry out saying:” O my Lord! Would that Thou hadst delayed the coming of my death to a little while so that I could give alms and I could also be of the righteous. And (remember), Allah will never delay the death of a person (or a living thing) when it comes to death, and Allah is Aware of what you do. ”
May Allah admit us to paradise, and keep us away from the torment of hellfire.
Friday 4 Ramadhan 1442h
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