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Yemen Kasih-donations for sahur were safely distributed yesterday

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Alhamdulillah, donations for sahur were safely distributed yesterday to several areas in Yemen. And God willing, this pure effort will last until the end of Ramadan and throughout the year. InsyaAllah. Please pray and support from all of you so that this effort can run smoothly.
Rasulullah saw said which means: indeed the alms will surely extinguish the wrath of Allah and prevent a bad death. HR Tirmizi.
We still welcome donations from all of you☺️.
May Allah make us among the strong believers who always help facilitate the affairs of other believers, who always help other brothers who are in trouble and suffering especially in the land of Yemen for now. Click on the link below to donate.
Pertubuhan Yemen Kasih
🏧Maybank Islamic: (562106687201)
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